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The following are some frequently asked questions. You can find more answers and more details on some of these topics on our mowing service agreement page by clicking here.


1. Are you just a lawn mowing company?

Although we specialize in mowing, we also offer almost all the services that the big landscaping companies of the area offer, but at much lower rates. We also offer fence building and repair, small concrete work and new landscape construction. If there is something that you would like done, ask us first. Chances are we can do it and save you a lot of money.


2. If you accidently hit a rock and break a window will you fix it?

We are fully insured in the event that accidental damage occurs. Whether it be a window or something else that gets broke, contact us immediately before attempting any repairs yourself. Many instances, we can do the repairs ourselves. For windows and items we are unable to perform repairs on, we have a list of prescreened contractors that you can choose from or you can choose your own.


3. There is a loose board on my fence, did the mow crew hit it?

Older fences often have boards that warp from the weather and work loose. However, on rare occasions we might accidently bump the fence and knock a board loose or break it. Often the guys will realize their mistake and fix it. If you find a loose or broken board on your fence, regardless if it was our fault or not, let us or the mowing crew know and we will repair or replace it for you. If your fence has several loose, warped or missing boards or is no longer sturdy, then we can give you an estimate for repairing or replacing the fence for you.


4. If it rains for three days straight, when will you mow my yard?

2008 turned out to be one of the wettest years on record. Often was the case that it rained 3 days a week or more. We do not mow if it is too wet that we leave ruts. Once it is dry enough to mow, we resume our schedule where we left off and mow till dark and on weekends until we catch up. Once we get everyone caught up, we start our schedule over again.


5. Do I have to re-sign-up every year for mowing service?

No you do not. Once you are a customer you stay a customer until you cancel. We automatically resume service each year unless you cancel.


6. Is the $24.95 just an introductory price?

No it is not an introductory rate. We do not use deceptive advertising or low rates to hook you into a long term contract. You keep your price week to week, year to year. If we do raise prices, it will be for new accounts only and existing customers will retain their lower rates as long as they are active customers in good standing.


7. Do you have hidden fees or charge fuel surcharges?

No we do not. Other services offer prices that they are unable to make a profit at so after they hook a customer, they raise the price or add fuel surcharges or have other hidden fees. Yes fuel costs do fluctuate and can add to the cost of providing a service, but those fluctuations should already be figured into your pricing structure.


8. I had to call my last lawn service every week to get them to come mow my yard. Do I have to call you every week?

No you do not. Once we add you to the schedule, you remain on the schedule until you cancel. If you believe you somehow may have been missed one week, then let us know immediately so we can look into the incident and get a crew out to your yard immediately.


9. Last year I saw a lot of new companies passing out flyers that looked just like yours. Are they part of your company?

No they are not. Although we are flattered that everyone else wants to be just like us. We are the original economy service in North West Arkansas. We are constantly serving other companies with trademark/copyright infringement warnings for copying our website, our flyers or even copying our name. We were the first to offer automatic credit card billing. We were the first to use LIVE GPS tracking and monitoring in our trucks so we can dispatch crews more rapidly. We were the first to have a full service auto shop and a full service small engine shop that also services equipment for other companies. Those other companies actually bring their mowers to us to get them fixed. We were the first and only lawn service in NWA to have an in-house metal fabricating shop to build our own truck beds. Many others have come and gone but because we are capable of taking care of our needs our self rather than outsourcing, we keep our expenses low and are able to outlast the competition. It is a testament to our business structure and philosophy that after 10 years, everyone else is now trying to copy us. Don't be fooled, though. They are not exact copies and most will add a fuel surcharge or raise their rates when the going gets tough. Many will just disappear on you altogether in the middle of summer when it gets hot. The price you sign up with... is the price you pay forever! Let's see someone else copy that!













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